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Adaptive Values Assessment

Develop a deeper understanding of the dynamics within yourself and the world around you. Presented by Whitney D. Hall, Ph.D.

About Adaptive Values

These questionnaires and assessments are based on the work of Clare W. Graves, Ph.D., an American psychologist and researcher. His work in human development and cognition outlines a cyclical theory of evolutionary values that all individuals and societies progress through. It is not hierarchical, and is specifically based on the complexity of life conditions. Simply put, the life conditions that all individuals and societies experience dictate how their values develop and ultimately how they interact with the world through the lens of a particular paradigm. The work was not published academically, but has been developed into several iterations by his graduate students and other visionaries.

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When life conditions change, people’s values often shift as well. Values in this context does not imply right and wrong, good or bad. Rather it consists of what people consider important in their lives, how they view the world, how they take in information, and how they make decisions. Dr. Graves also theorized a process of change that explains how and when individuals and societies become ready to make changes. When people understand what their values are and where they are in the change process, they can progress through their lives with smoother transitions and less conflict.


Another way to view this is an “operating system”, or your OS that runs the hardware of the body and brain. So how can we operate better within our paradigm? By getting a broader sense of ourselves (relationships, work, emotional triggers, etc.) and our environment, it can help us in all aspects of our lives. The more information we have at our disposal, the better decisions we make and a more meaningful life emerges.


About Me

Welcome! I am Whitney D. Hall and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to work together. I have a Ph.D. in psychology, and I spent the early years of my career providing assessments related to learning differences, emotional processing, and cognitive skills. This included significant work with developmental psychology and neuropsychology. I first became familiar with the work of Clare W. Graves and this type of values philosophy in graduate school. This started a lifelong interest that has now culminated in being able to share this amazing work with my own clients through this Adaptive Values Assessment process.

The more I learned about this philosophy, the more I saw how societies and individuals were constantly progressing through the layers. This knowledge helped me understand how and why events, and the change process associated with them, take place in society at large and on an individual scale in the people around me. I look forward to sharing this insightful philosophy and providing a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.


Adaptive Values Assessment Package

All appointments are conducted via video chat.

Step 1

Intake: 1-hour session to learn your unique circumstances and history that led to you right now. This is crucial for context and interpretation of the assessment results.

Step 2

Questionnaires: Self-paced online questionnaires through our client portal. I send a link where you can complete the questionnaires.

Step 3

Processing: After the intake and the completed questionnaires, I review the results and synthesize all the information for final review.

Step 4

Review: 1-hour session to review your results together. I explain all the data and we discuss where you are in your value system and in the change process, as well as how your value system is impacting your life and decisions. Afterwards, I’ll email you a copy of your report which includes charts and graphs for a visual reference.


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Get Started

Please click the link below to select the best time for your intake appointment and make your payment. Prepayment for the entire AVA process is required. You will start by scheduling just the intake appointment.

Once scheduled, I will email you the paperwork you need to complete prior to the intake. Following our intake session, I will email you a link to your client portal where you can complete the questionnaires. Once you complete your questionnaires, you can schedule your final review session.

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